LONG LIVE THE FOUNDER! - Seventeen years of Excellence in Transforming Lives

Yes, it has been 17 long years of upbringing extraordinary changes for the young individuals in Benedicto College. In connection with, these excellent changes and transformation has been made possible by Ambassador Francisco L. Benedicto- Founder Chairman of Benedicto College with his vision in bringing lifelong learning easy at hand by everybody. Thus, last February 8,9 and 10, 2017, happened the 17th year Founder’s Day that marked a reminder of the substantial role of our dear ambassador for the changes he is bringing and a time to reflect and take pride for the countless accomplishments and to voice out to everybody the commitment to be a strong advocate for learning.

So, the celebration has been made possible and successful with surprise presentations from the Preparatory level, Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School up to the Tertiary level, as well as the employee’s tribute to the founder that happened on the same day last February 8, 2017. On the following day, the successful 6th FLB Inter-High School Quiz Bowl that was participated by 14 different schools both public and private took place and the first ever Alumni Homecoming in the evening. Lastly, on the 3rd day marked the resounding Ms. Benedicto College. Indeed, the three consecutive annual Founder’s Day celebration of Benedicto College has been remarkable in commemorating the founding of this prestigious institution. Once again, Long Live the Founder!


Ms. Princess Ann A. Halasan

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