College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts of Sciences seeks to gear the students to be meaningfully carved with values for application and inculcation in their respective communities and their personal lives.

The curriculum. through its varied major areas, trains students in:

Program Overview:

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication is an undergraduate four-year degree course that combines theoretical knowledge with adequate and significant practical exposure. Exposed to the proper communications environment, communications students acquire skills through in-depth investigation of contemporary social issues. They are also equipped with the most basic requirements like thinking and analytical abilities, as well as effective writing and verbal communication skills, an eye for detail, and organizational skills.

Graduates can be journalists, public relations professionals, writers or editors of publishing houses, or practitioners in advertising, events management , corporate communications, marketing communication and even marketing and sales. Towards a career in journalism, students will develop speed and skill in seeing the overall picture of an issue and conceiving a well-balanced news story. Towards public relations careers, they will be able to visualize and put into practice innovative strategies for building good images and managing reputations of their organizations.


Your Education… Our Mission

As the preferred higher educational institution in the Asia-Pacific, Benedicto College will be a globally competitive institution and a catalyst in nation-building, creating a better quality of life and developing productive members of the society.


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