GSP Council Junior Encampment

On February 2-5, 2017, we had our Girl Scout Camping in Camp Marina. We all assemble at the multipurpose hall. We were discussing about the schedules and activities for the next three days. Everyone was excited that we made new friends and met other girl scouts from different schools. After we discussed about the schedules and activities, we went to the camping site. We pitched our tents, fixed our stuffs and belongings as well. In the afternoon, we had lunch and the food was chicken adobo and everyone in the West One district ate the prepared meal. We had rehearsals for the opening ceremony before the color retreat. Teacher Aiza lead us. Then in the evening, we had fellowship.

On the second day, most of us woke up at 3 a.m. in the morning because of exhilaration. We went to the multipurpose hall and started our morning exercise or zumba. Everyone there enjoyed the zumba. Then later on, in the afternoon the girl scouts had a field trip to Taoist Temple, San Pedro Calungsod Shrine, and Sto. Nino Church. Teacher Aiza and Teacher Krystel accompanied us. We enjoyed the sites and the views. Thanks to our tourist guides and fosters.

The theme “Girls’ Potentials Enhanced Through Diverse Activities” befitted well because we had a lot of things learned. There were singing and dancing which boost our confidence and self-esteem. We had very important and worthwhile sub-camp orientations such as “I am a Princess, I am Worth the Wait” and “I am a Drug-Free Me”. We have learned a lot of things from the speakers. We became independent for a while. We appreciated the significance of teamwork. Our relationship with our classmates and schoolmates became even better and stronger.

On the third day, we tried some adventure games such as walking on a single rope while holding another rope, mini zip line, rope climbing, and the hanging bridge. Maxene Chloe and Jovi Claire succeeded in crossing the rope. The place was crowded that some didn’t even join. Scouters were very enthusiastic and active.

Then the last night of our stay had come so we decided to make some friends. On West One, everybody was friendly and kind; we played games and had fun with our new friends.

On the last day, we had a closing program for all the scouters and for the coordinators; also, the giving of awards and badges. All of us packed our stuffs because of the excitement of going back home. It was really a fun experience indeed and it will always remain with us as one of the unforgettable camping that we got, the first and the last for the grade 6 students though.

Thanks to all the parents for their trust to let their kids join the camping and also to the parents who were there like Mrs. Yang, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. Luna, Mr. and Mrs. Calizar, Mr. and Mrs. Arrogante, and Mrs. Espere. A big thank you also to our coordinators: Teacher Princess T. Blasé, Teacher Aiza L. Empinado, and Teacher Krystel Ann G. Osmil, thank you for the patience and guidance that you did for us. We’re very grateful as well to Ma’am Mylene and Ma’am Nelia, our Camp Director.

Everything was memorable, fun, and at the same time we learned some stuff that we need to learn for being a girl.


Mary Yasmien Espere, Sariah Shaniel Anda

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