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Making a Difference!

Heartfelt THANKS to all Generous Benefactors

Sacred Heart School for Boys Alumni Batch ’92, for the second time, after the first batch of 20 Housekeeping NC II Scholars, now creates and shares life changing opportunities to another twenty (20) Food and Beverage Services NC II scholarship recipients. SHS-B’92 donates P100,000 to BC Techvoc School for Scholarship grants.

BC TECHVOC holds graduation rites in Poro Camotes, Cebu

Benedicto College Techonoligal Vocational School (BCTVS), a certified training and Assessment Center conducted a culminating activity for the mobile training Scholars last Oct. 7, 2017 at Buho Rock, Poro Camotes, Cebu. For this batch, BCTVS produced highly competent and skilled graduates under “Prepare and Cook Hot Meals “and “Prepare Cold Meals” programs. The Activity was graced by the honorable mayor of Poro Camotes, Hon. Luciano D. Rama Jr., who gave an inspirational message to all the graduates. Others present during the ceremony were Hon. Municipal Councilor Rizza Borlaza and TESDA Reprecentative from PTC Carmen Ms. March En Bucao.

BCTVS continue to produce globally competitive and competent individuals by providing trainees with updated and relevant training courses and modules which are patterned from the academe but tailored fit for the industry.

Benefits of Techvoc Courses… the things you need to know

By: Ms. Joey del Socorro- Cortes, Techvoc Administrator

Reduction of Unemployment

Vocational training prepares an individual for employment. One can take a vocational course which can earn him his daily living. Vocational training courses give the learner ample skills that are ideal for a given job, hence employment opportunities.

Career Upgrading

Vocational training is an important aspect of upgrading what one really knows. This is especially applicable to the engineering and medical fields. Because of the changing and emerging fields, workers need to speed up with the upcoming changes. Such courses are taken by already employed people as a way to increase their experience. For these, the vocational training is paid by the employer.

Increased Productivity

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses equip the learner with new abilities and capacities. This increases their productivity as compared to when the person did not attend the training.

Increment in Wages

It is most likely that a person who attends a vocational education has higher chances of getting a promotion at the workplace. This, of course translates to an increase in income/wages and social benefits.

Reducing Marginalization

Vocational training allows people from the marginalized groups to access skills which can be used to earn them a living. A student who does not attain excellent grades to get admitted to college or university may take vocational training and still excel in life.

Ease the Curriculum

Students who take vocational training related to their studies in the University to perform better than those who do not. This means that vocational training helps to expound the curriculum in a more practical approach compared to the theories taught in class.



Your Education… Our Mission

As the preferred higher educational institution in the Asia-Pacific, Benedicto College will be a globally competitive institution and a catalyst in nation-building, creating a better quality of life and developing productive members of the society.


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